Landscape Architecture

ME / Selected Work

The natural and built environment provides the context and many of the clues on how to approach these projects. Understanding the surrounding environment and being able to identify and interpret plant communities’ results in a design appropriate for the place it occupies.

Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, ME
The office has been the lead planner and landscape architect for the original building expansion as well as the subsequent Cottage 600 and 500 projects. Site planning, pedestrian circulation, site lighting, landscape design and construction services for all three projects.

Rhododendron Garden at USM in Gorham, ME
Conducted a design charrette for students and staff, culminating in my office preparing a site design for a nationally recognized rhododendron collection.

Eastern Cemetery in Portland, ME
Plant selection for this master plan focused on available plant material and improved cultivars during the active period of this historic cemetery. Species include, maple, ash, oak, buckeye, elm, crabapple, cherry and pine.

Lyseth Elementary School in Portland, ME
Prepared a landscape design in conjunction with the school staff and city for a 5th grade outdoor play and discovery space including a gathering space, bridge and ornamental plantings.